Fire Resistive Cables

Electrical cable plays an important role in ensuring critical circuits and systems can operate during a fire ensuring that Emergency Exit signs, Alarms, Sprinklers as well as Power and Communication links works to ensure public safety and evacuation.

Indeed, we can source the complete range of Fire-Resistant cables including "Standard", "Enhanced", "Armoured" and "Single Core" and Mineral Insulated Cables to meet every level of requirement and satisfy all standards and legislation.

As materials technology takes on a greater importance in the cable industry to ensure protection of life and property, the development of these cables is continually evolving and improving.

Cable Products

  • Standard
  • Enhanced
  • Single Core Conduit Cable
  • Armoured
  • Mineral Insulated
  • Softskin cables with UL and VDE Approvals

A full and detailed cable data sheet can be sent with each enquiry